Assignments and grading

There are two exams in this course: a midterm and a final, each of which is worth 150 points.

In addition to the two exams, there are five major assignments:

  • Two essays (approx. 1250 – 1750 words): 150 points each (the first is due Friday, February 13, the second April 17).
  • An article review: 150 points (March 6 if you opt to do this assignment first, otherwise April 24)
  • An entry in an annotated bibliography created by the entire class (this will be a joint effort between the two sections): 150 points (March 6 if you opt to do this assignment first, otherwise April 24)
  • Submitting discussion questions on the day’s readings to the course site in advance of the day’s class (students will take turns, so everyone will have the opportunity to post regularly without needing to do it every week) and commenting on the questions others post: 100 points

That makes for a total of 1000 points for the semester. Final grades will be calculated as follows:

A = 930 – 1000 A- = 900 – 929 B+ = 880 – 899 B = 830 – 879 B- = 800 – 829 C+ = 780 – 799 C = 730 – 779 C- = 700 – 729 D = 600 – 699 F = < 600

Due dates

Exams will be given on the dates indicated on the course calendar. In the case of the midterm, that’s in class on Monday, March 2. The final will be given at the time scheduled by the registrar, which is 7:30 on the evening of Tuesday, May 5.

All assignments are due on the date indicated on the course calendar and as noted above (I’ll distribute a schedule for discussion question responsibilities).

A note about the article review and annotated bibliography contribution: Over the course of the semester, you’ll need to read two journal articles in addition to the ones we read together. (As you look for articles, I suggest you take the bibliographies of the articles we read in common as a starting point.) For one of the articles, you’ll write an annotation for the annotated bibliography; for the other, you’ll write an article review (we’ll discuss approaches to both in class). Which you do first is entirely up to you. However you choose, the first of these assignments is due no later than February 28, and the second no later than April 28. You may, of course, submit either ahead of time if you wish.