Questions for Winthrop article

  • Delba Winthrop writes, “Assertions of political sovereignty notwithstanding, man may be no more nor less in nature than a tool, who by means of his work, informs the whole or gives his life…For Aristotle the status of man in nature depends not on mere assertion, but on the natural status of tools” (2008, 192-193). What do you think of this statement? Is man no more than a tool of whatever he is most skilled at doing?
  • In the article Winthrop (2008, 193) quotes Aristotle from Book I when he writes, “To some despotism is against nature, for one is slave and another is free by law, and by nature there is no difference because of which it is not at all just, for it is by force” (1253b18-23). Do you agree with this? Is freedom unnatural, no different from slavery, making it equally as unjust?