On Not Obeying Immoral Orders (Rabbi Sacks)

I mentioned last week that I hope one of the things that becomes clear during the course of this semester is that the old — in some cases, ancient — texts we read together have continuing significance. They continue to be significant because the help us wrestle with issues and questions that seem to be an enduring part of the human experience.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gives us a good example of this in his “Covenant and Conversation” column from January 6: “On Not Obeying Immoral Orders.” In his commentary, Rabbi Sacks references both Antigone and Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s well worth the few minutes it takes to read (or the 11:24 it takes to listen, if you prefer the audio). Shemot, the Torah portion he’s commenting on, is Exodus 1:1 – 6:1/